In 1902, Thomas Cullinan, founded the Premier Diamond Mine near Pretoria in South Africa. The largest gem diamond ever found in the world today, the regal Cullinan Diamond, was discovered on 26th January 1905.
The priceless Cullinan Diamond is a wonder of nature, of exceptional D Blue-white colour , of flawless clarity and a rare type Ha, weighed 3106 carats. The Cullinan diamond was presented to King Edward VII of England in 1908.
The diamond was cut by Joseph Asscher of the firm Royal Asscher Diamond Company in Amsterdam, yeilding nine major stones and 96 brilliants, all D flawless.





Cullinan I, the great “Star of Africa” weighing 317.4 carats is in the Queen’s Sceptre.
Cullinan II weighing 317.4 carats is in the Imperial state Crown which Her Majesty wears each year to the opening of Parliament.
Cullinan III weighing 94.4 carats and Cullinan IV (63.6 carats) are in Queen Mary’s Delhi Durbar Tiara
The Cullinan VI, an 11.50 carat marquise-cut stone, presented by King Edward to his wife, Queen Alexandra is now worn by Elizabeth II as a drop on a diamond and emerald necklace. It is the most frequently worn of the Cullinan diamonds.
The Cullinan VI and VIII are in a brooch.  Cullinan VII is an 8.80 carat marquise-cut stone mounted in a pendant on a small all-diamond brooch, in the center of which is the 6.80-carat cushion cut diamond
The Cullinan IX, the smallest of the nine main stones at 4.4 carats, is set into a platinum ring.  It was made for Queen Mary and is worn by Queen Elizabeth.

Sir Thomas Cullinan was knighted for his services to industry for this rare diamond and well as his recognition as one of the co-founders and chairman of the Transvaal Chamber of Industries, a member of the Transvaal Legislative Assembly and the first Union Parliament of 1910.