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Veuve Clicquot

Wine taster’s string adjectives to describe the aromas as some women accessorise catwalk creations.
As a wine taster, I excel in this obscure use of the English language, yet always aim to offer something new, modern and enlightening in the art of tasting the vine....

28 Years of Excellence

Over 28 years much has changed at the Juliet Cullinan Standard Bank Wine Festival.  The great winemakers weaved their magic through our history before handing over to their children who are just as passionate, yet also dynamic, and keen to innovate on the traditions...

The Artist’s Tulle – Benjamin Shine

Benjamin Shine creates artworks through innovation. Juliet Cullinan discovers the light behind the genius. Creative explorer Benjamin Shine’s unique effects, fashioned from tulle, captivate critics and collectors worldwide. He creates wall-sized portraits from a...

Juliet Cullinan

Juliet Cullinan


Wine evangelist, devoted epicurean, Cordon Bleu chef, consultant, promoter of high quality wines, aesthete, scribe, editor, and founder of Monaco’s top lifestyle magazine, Art of Taste, Juliet Cullinan is also the founder and creator of the annual Juliet Cullinan Standard Bank Wine Festival.



My pride in South African wines drove me to promote the supreme for over 25 years. My abiding love for unique wines and those who make them compels me to showcase the best South African vintages year after year.