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    indieKateIt isn’t a secret that I adore wine. In fact, I love it so much that I want to share it with everybody and that’s why I started my little series detailing great reds, whites and bubblies that need to be tried by everybody. When I was invited to a lunch with Juliet Cullinan herself recently, I basically almost fell off my chair.

    Firstly, I guess I knew that Juliet was a real human, but I never really thought anything beyond that. I’ve attended the Juliet Cullinan Wine Festival before and it was by far my favourite wine show in Jozi. I mean, the alternative is Winex which I feel is overwhelmingly large and I end up trying the same things that I know because it’s packed and crazy and a little scary sometimes (Winex, I love you I do, but we need to talk…).

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